4 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Kisondra

    Ohh let’s try to meet up sometime June28-July22… maybe Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Geneva, Sicily, Rome…


  2. Janna

    why is meeting me in Germany not marked in your calendar yet?! 🙂
    I could take a day off and come to Berlin on Thursday night right before you fly in.

    I hope we will get together and have fun in Beijing!

  3. Andrew Stein Post author

    Janna– That sounds perfect! Looking forward to you showing me Berlin on Thursday night before I fly out on Friday morning. -Andrew

  4. Melissa LV

    Dude, this is awesome! I hope you’re having a blast. I’m actually going to be in India for the next 6 months (leaving next week) – too bad I’ll miss you when you’re in Asia! I’ll just have to read your plog (har har) for recommendations on where to go. 🙂

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