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  1. We miss you already!!!!! I’m glad you got to China safe and sound. I am really enjoying your plog/blog 🙂

  2. Andrew, thanks for the wonderful blog. We SO miss you already but love seeing you in the pictures as you travel around the world. Please keep the photos (of you) coming. Makes us feel like your still here with us.

  3. Andrew, Wow! You did it – you are touring around China with new friends and a bed to sleep in tonight. Well done. I’m curious about how you are entering this blog. Assuming you didn’t bring a computer, can you do all this from your phone? I have another weird question, how does it smell in the city – is the pollution as bad as we’ve heard? Have a great day!

  4. Hi Roxanne– I actually did bring my small netbook, and then most of the hostels I think will have some form of wifi, even if on the slow side. There are also internet cafes and such if I want to go that route. Also, the word is that because of some conference or convention going on in Beijing this week, they have shut down some of the factories to lessen the amount of pollution in the air. As a result, the pollution seems semi-manageable.

  5. Andrew, I’m throughly enjoying your journal entries and am sharing them with my family as well. I would have never thought to take such a journey alone, but see from your experience it has its advantages in that you can go in any direction you chose. Keep on posting! Best wishes and travels to you.

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