Bergen really puts the fun in funicular

As weary travelers, we land in Bergen

Close to midnight with the land still bright,

With jetlag, the time is quite uncertain

So we find our beds and say good night.

The next morning starts before the hour six

Starting at an award-winning coffee shop,

And we’re excited to learn the city’s tricks

In this spectacularly mountainous backdrop.

An early ride on the funicular

Where we get to see the whole city;

And what we’ve already seen in particular

From way up here, look more pretty.

The fish market does astound

But not as much as the blue skies

Because though they sell whale by the pound

Apparently the rain and clouds, only lies.

(*knocking on wood*)

Our first stop in Norway ends with lunch

At a place with a twist on Norwegian fare

Pickled veggies and salmon, a true 1-2-punch

And the restaurant Lysverket has its snare.