Sailing the Mediterranean

´╗┐After a full day yesterday exploring Athens, Adam and I felt ready for a day of relaxation. What better way to relax than atop a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean. We sailed to and from Salamina Island, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, sun bathing, and a quick swim in the water. The temperature was just right for laying indefinitely in the sun; however, it was a bit chilly to go in the water. Therefore, this affected the ratio of beach time to water time. The blues of the sky and the water seemed unnaturally vibrant.

Sailing at full tilt

On our trip back from the island, we sailed into a strong headwind. As a result, I received a quick lesson on how to tack and how to use such a wind to our advantage. In addition, at times while moving at speeds of around 10 knots, the port side was almost submerged into the water. This left the starboard side high and dry and ready for me to sit with my legs off the edge enjoying the strong, fresh wind off the sea.

I'm on a boat

In the evening, Adam and I stumbled upon a live music bar/restaurant playing traditional folk music. It was a particularly fun event as it was Fide Koksal, the main singer’s birthday and the whole restaurant celebrated by sharing a delicious cake.