Champagne Sabering

A highlight that capped our day of relaxation at the St. Regis Princeville was the opportunity to saber a bottle of champagne.  We had heard that at 7pm, a bottle of champagne was to be sabered at the bar, so at 6:30 we venture over, grab a cocktail, and find our seats to enjoy the spectacle.


Like a good tourist, we ask the man who just completed the sabering deed if he would pose for a picture with us.  He did one better and asked if we wanted to come with him to saber our own bottle.  Yes! There was no doubt that this is what we wanted.  After some quick instruction he hands me the bottle of champagne and the saber, directs me to the edge of the balcony, and lets me work my magic.

I successful saber, pour some champagne into flutes for Lindsey and myself, and thank the saber master many times over.  Lindsey and I are left on a balcony overlooking the ocean together sipping our freshly sabered champagne, watching the sunset.

Successful saber


Sunset at the St Regis