Cousin wedding

It is a beautiful weekend celebrating cousin Ben & Emily in Puerto Vallarta.  Aside from all the activities – snorkeling, boating, dancing, singing, pool lounging, zip lining, and a bit of clubbing – the best part of the weekend is simply being together.  It reminds me of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a loving family with so many role models starting with the oldest generations.  Within eyeshot of my seat during the wedding reception is a black and white photograph of Grandma Trudy and Poppy Gerry when they were younger.  Their legacy rings loudly at this wedding.  Their four children, so many of their grandchildren, and even a handful of their great grandchildren dance around the hora.  And although they aren’t physically at this wedding, their presence is as strong as ever.

The beautiful color of the ocean, the salty smell of the beach, the overflowing guacamole and totopos, and the oversized margaritas make this occasion both a true wedding celebration and a tropical vacation.  Then, listening to the bride and groom share their vows next to a setting sun with the soft interruption of waves feels like something out of a movie.  How lucky I am to be transported to another world while still surrounded by the people I love.

Mazel tov, Ben and Emily #vivabemily!