The British Wedding

The wedding is the main reason for this European adventure.  One of my closest friends from grad school is getting married in London.  It is an Indian wedding complete with many days of festivities, lots of delicious Indian food, beautiful flowers, British hats, big red buses, afternoon tea, and a grand finale in London’s Natural History Museum.  The wedding is spectacular.  Each venue is beautiful. Catching up with old friends is long overdue and feels great. The bride looks radiant. Each event features her in a new sari or dress.  We felt so happy and honored to be able to celebrate with the very happy couple.

Natural History Museum in London

Me at the wedding in a RR

A beautiful wedding

From the top of an old sugar plantation overlooking most of the island, the wind is blowing strong yet peacefully, and the light continue to play games with the clouds and the grounds as it sets over us.  The groom, one of my best friends, and the bridge both exchange heartfelt vows that bring tears.  One highlight of the evening is a very moving flower lei exchange between families as they welcome each other into their lives.  Along with being so happy for them, I thank them for creating this chance to reunite with so many college friends and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime here on Kauai.

Wedding ceremony

Hawaiian wedding outfits