Cloudy Day on Hangzhou’s West Lake

The silver-lining to any overcast day is the potential for beautiful black and white photos.  Thus, after finding my hostel in Hangzhou, a task that was far from easy and I plan to describe further at some point, I settled in, grabbed my camera and a book about the area I’m reading called “China Cuckoo” by Mark Kitto and set off for West Lake, 西湖.  My hostel is located right off of Hefang street with its many great shops and artists, so I began by walking down this bustling thoroughfare.  After I walked about half way around the lake, I found a spot for tea and got comfortable.  Here are some of the photos I took during my stroll around the lake.




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  1. Andrew, Once again this is Mom. Your black and white photos are amazing!! It seems so serene. I hope you have a similar feeling as you sip your tea. I look forward to learning about your adventure in finding the hostel. Love you!

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