Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

In a setting that is cooler in temperature than most of Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands offer many a tourist activity. While there, I stayed at the very nice Father’s Guest House, just a couple minutes away from the center of town, where one night I witnessed a Hindu procession down the middle of the street. This procession was a reminder of Malaysia’s diverse history as I feel most cultures and religions are mutually respected throughout the country. Also during my stay, I toured the BOH Tea Plantation, a butterfly garden, a strawberry farm, a flower nursery, and a Buddhist Temple.

cameron highlands flower

Flower spotted after the rain at BOH Tea Plantation

BOH tea field

Tea Leaves from the BOH Plantation

View from Father's Guest House

View from Father's Guest House, Cameron Highlands

butterfly malaysia

Butterfly Garden in Cameron Highlands

Hindu procession

Hindu Procession through Town