Up Next: Meditation

I keep asking myself what I am doing. I’m as inflexible as can be and love to talk, both of which will present just a couple of many challenges I will face at my upcoming monastery stay. Several days ago, the fact that I’m going to try to do this monastery stay became much more real and my initial reaction was fear. Would I be able to do it? Would I fail at the yoga? Would I fail at the meditation? Would I be too hungry from not eating between noon and dawn each day? Would I be able to get up at These questions kept coming and kept making me second guess my decision to do this.

I then realized that my reasons for doing this were not to do something comfortable and relaxing. One reason is to better understand another way of life. And another is to do something completely out of my comfort zone and see how I am affected. The worst case is that I bail for my 10 days are up, but that is far from the plan. I don not know exactly what will happen and how I might change over this week and a half, but I’m ready and excited to find out.

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