Calorie to Kronor Ratio

The Swedish Kronor didn’t go as far as I was hoping. Even the public transportation is expensive in Stockholm. As a result, to stay on budget, I try to maintain a high calorie to kronor ratio, and ideally about 10 to 20 calories/kronor. (One US dollar is about 6 Swedish Kronor.) This meant that along with finding cheap restaurants, I also utilize my hostel’s kitchen after finding a local grocery store.  One afternoon, having groceries in my bag works out to my advantage as I find a great park bench and have a lunch of different Swedish snacks.

My Picnic Spot

Speaking of finding food, the first night I didn’t feel hungry until it was beginning to get dark at which point I venture outside in search of something to eat. Because it was already almost 11pm on a Sunday night, everything was closed. I luckily found some communal pasta at my hostel and cooked myself a very simple but filling meal.