Sunday on the Beach

Sunday on the farm is a work-free day, and although we don’t find out about this day of rest until the day before, Ursula is quick to suggest we spend the day on Cecina beach and we choose to do just that. We “sleep in” on Sunday morning, but still get up for breakfast at 9am. Afterwards, we gather our towels, sunscreen, cards, books, and hats for the beach, and we set off for Cecina. The sand is covered with people of all ages each enjoying their Sunday. We find some lounge chairs and an umbrella to rent, and we continue to rotate around this umbrella for the rest of the day as the sun moves across the sky. Between playing cards, having a couple drinks, and sunbathing, we take a couple dips in the cool but very refreshing Mediterranean Sea.  At the end of the afternoon, we meet Ursula at the town’s train station because Ursula is picking up the next WWOOFer, Nancy.  In only a short time, we all feel that we get to know school teacher Nancy to whom I lend some clothes because her luggage was lost in transport.  In short, this last day in Cecina and our last day WWOOFing is a great ending to a fun week.

Team Degustation on Cecina Beach

The three of us did not know what to expect when we signed up for life on a farm, but our lack of expectation was complemented by an open mind. I am not sure when I will find myself back on a farm, but I am very happy with this week’s adventure, I am happy with the people I met, I am happy with the new lifestyle about which I learned, and most of all, I am happy that despite initially being slightly intimidated by the strict schedule, hot sun, and hard work, Katherine, Gabe and I not only made it through the week, but had an incredible time doing so.

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