Last EasyJet Flight

I take my last EasyJet flight for a while, and I cannot say that I am too disappointed about my break from this European budget airline. That said, because many months back I had waited for a sale, I purchased my European flights each for somewhere between $15 and $40, and EasyJet is easily a more enjoyable experience than RyanAir. The check-in line is still slow, the chaos to board the plane first because there is no assigned seating is intense, and the strictness for carry-ons and luggage weight is frustrating, but in each of the above three categories, EasyJet still seems superior than RyanAir. Also, EasyJet usually believes in flying into the more common and better placed airports. I get into FCO in Italy, say goodbye to Gabe and Becky, and go find my parents near the rental car counter.