Ratings by the Scoop

The rankings are in.  Gelato around Rome and around Italy have been tasted, felt, experienced, and seen, and here’s the results of all those sweet, refreshing efforts.  Each gelato was ranked on five categories weighted in the following manner: Taste (40%), Texture (25%), Color (15%), Ambiance (15%), and Price (5%)

gelato rankings 3

Gelato rankings 1

Gelato rankings 2

First Gelato

4 thoughts on “Ratings by the Scoop

  1. Mom and Dad

    Great trip! Great memories! Thank you to all for bring your best spirits to Rome. Thank you Andrew for documenting our trip!
    Our love,
    Mom and Dad

  2. Ben

    Very impressive documentation. Only wish there was another column for spoon color, I know that affects the taste of my gelato!


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