Destination: Cape Town

Being back in school has its many perks, one of which is the return of winter break.  Not only does winter break mean that I can escape Boston for most of December and January to go enjoy much more reasonable climates, it also means that I can spend time with family, see old friends, and find a little time to travel.  Break is filled with a quick post-exams trip to Vegas, followed by some Latka making and Chanukkah celebrating with the family, topped off with a trip over to Phoenix to cheer on Cardinal Football, and finally some time in the Bay Area to begin thinking about summer job prospects.  Through school, I am then “required” to travel to Cape Town, South Africa.  In teams of six, the whole first year business school class is sent to developing countries around the world to work with companies on weeklong consulting projects.

Because class does not start until the end of the month, I feeel that staying in South Africa for an extra two weeks beyond the program is more than logical.  The choice is between below freezing Boston or hot, sunny South Africa.  In Cape Town, on the scale of warm to very hot, the nights are occasionally cool, but nothing that a shirt and shorts can’t handle.

Table Mountain, Cape Town

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  1. It is not just the great weather but the amazing natural beauty of Cape Town and the friendliness of our people that has made it such a popular destination. You are sure to enjoy the extra couple of weeks!

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