Father-Son Trip

Just finished my last first semester of grad school, and I’m off to make the most of winter break.  The break begins on a trip with my dad in Israel and Jordan.  After a long flight over the Atlantic and through the Mediterranean, I arrive at Tel Aviv International Airport at sunrise, figure out which train I am supposed to take and eventually wind myself through Tel Aviv before arriving at the David Intercontinental hotel at 8am.  I shower, my dad and I breakfast, and then it’s off to Jerusalem.

At the moment, my jetlag hasn’t caught up to me, but something of this whole situation reminds me (or at least reminds of the often told story) of when the five Steins were traveling in France and were not even allowed a cooling sip of water because that might delay the schedule.  I am not afraid of dehydration, but I am concerned that I might be pushing myself to still be placing one foot ahead of the other by mid-afternoon depending on where this day takes us.

Alas, I am excited to be in Israel, not worried about the overcast, slightly drizzly day, and am prepared for day one of my adventure with dad.