King’s Highway

Leading from Egypt to Damascus and referenced a couple times in the Bible, the King’s Highway has been traveled at least a couple times over human history.  It served not only as an important passageway, but also as a critical trade route and later as a Christian pilgrimage route.

Today, as we make our way from Amman to Petra, making many stops along the way.  We venture to the top of Mount Nebo, the spot where Moses was allowed to see the Holy Land, but not allowed to enter.  We explore Madaba, the “City of Mosaics” and its very accurate mosaic map of ancient Palestine on the bottom of St. George’s Church.  My dad and I, as to not disappoint, spend a while so that we could memorize this map.  And near the end of the day of driving, we run around the Crusader of Castle of Kerak with its underground galleries, rooms and secret passageways.

View of Israel from Mount Nebo:

In the evening, we arrive at Petra, probably the most famous destination in Jordan excited to spend the next whole day in this ancient Nabataean city.