Evan & Camila

This is a powerful yet short love story between Camila, a Chilean stable girl and Evan, a Clark Kent doppelgänger.  Evan looks over the Maipo Gorge just outside a horse stable and stares longingly at the vastness and beauty of the Chilean landscape.  Camila is caring for the horses and thinks she hears a noise outside.  She peaks over the wood fence and immediately wishes she can be the Lois Lane to this Clark Kent who is not even aware of her presence.  Evan now also hears something behind him and turns, but just before he can see Camila, she looks away.

They both now sense each other’s presence, but are currently performing the famous dance of pretending not to be aware of the other.  Camila now confidently exits the stable with two horses in tow and the two lock eyes for the first time.  Superman cracks a smile causing Lois to blush a little.  Evan, in broken Spanish, asks if she is going to ride, and Camila smiles and asks if he wants to join.  Evan answers with a cool yes, all the while not being over-enthusiastic about the opportunity to join her.

Camila leads, Evan follows and they ride for about half an hour with only few words shared.  Eventually, they arrive at their destination.  A fresh water stream glistening over colorful stones making for the perfect ambience for the two of them to share a moment upon its rocks.  Evan’s hand gently passes by Camila’s and they both immediately look towards each other.  Evan pulls his hand back just in time for Camila to reach for it.  Camlia leans in and gives a gentle kiss on Evan’s unshaven cheek.  Evan smiles and they both soak up their surroundings as if they have no other worries in the world.

From here, the story continues just as if the two were in fact Superman and Lois Lane minus the bad guys and the red and blue tights.  The two continue on happily in their Smallville-like existence in the Chilean countryside.

There is no reason why fairytales can’t come true.