Chile’s Central Coast

After two full days in the Cajon del Maipo valley, it would be an understatement to say that we all felt a little soar.  We got an upper body workout during rafting, a couple nice bruises on our bums from the horseback riding, and our legs and feet got their fair share of exercise during the 10-mile hike in the Monumento Natural El Morado.  I’m not complaining, but I am looking forward to a couple more relaxing days on Chile’s Central Coast in a small town called Zapallar.

Other than when we pass back through Santiago, the roads are beautiful and varied.  We drive through winding mountain roads, down flat green expanses, and along coastal highways.  Some of the driving reminds me a little of driving on the 5 Freeway in California in that the two-lane road is covered in trucks and everyone, including the trucks themselves, are attempting to make good time by weaving in and out of both lanes.

After almost three hours of driving and an hour lunch stop, we arrive in Zapallar and immediately head down to the beach to commence our relaxing couple of days.