Sweepstakes is a competition put on each day by the two “sweep” riders, who ride at the end of the pack making sure that no Bike & Builder gets left behind. They design a challenge such as take the best photograph with a local, film a music video, or pull the best prank. Then at the end of the day, the sweep riders review the submissions and declare a winner.

I am sweep for the second time on our ride into Springfield, MO. This day has all the makings of a grueling, long, frustrating day. It is almost 100 miles long, the humidity is oppressive and the temperature over 90, and this is our third such riding day in a row meaning that riders might be struggling a little. My fellow sweeper is Kaitlin, and from the beginning of the day, we decide that we are not going to let anything make this day less than amazing. Although the day lasts for fourteen hours, we do just that. And other than feeling like our chamois are a made of a bed of needles as we neared hour 14, we are in very high spirits upon our arrival in Springfield.

To introduce our sweepstakes submissions for the day, Kaitlin and I produced the following video in all of our unplanned spots throughout the day.