Cribbage on the roof

This trip has been different from some of our other trips for lots of reasons, but one noticeable one is the pace.  We call it babymoon pace.  The naps are more frequent, the snacks and meals are a little longer, the walks are a bit mellower, and the bathroom breaks are constant.  And although this is new for us, it is not unwelcome.  We end up noticing more things, meeting more people, just simply absorbing more.

And come the afternoon when we’re not tired enough to nap or hungry enough to eat, and when the sun is going down so strolling endlessly through the winding streets becomes a little less appealing, it’s cribbage time.  It’s a nice mix of luck and skill, so even in the heat of competition, it’s also possible to claim bad luck.  And when we run out of things to say, we can just count aloud our scores… fifteen two fifteen four and pair for six. 

So we find ourselves a nice café or rooftop, take out cribbage, order some cava and mocktails, and just enjoy each other’s company over a semi-competitive game.