Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant

When planning this trip a couple months back, the four of us were debating whether to go to Addo or Kruger.  Kruger is one of the largest game reserves in all of Africa and is one of the more famous parks in the world; therefore, choosing not to go here was a big decision.  The factor leading to this decision is mainly that it is currently the wrong season to visit.  At this time of year, Kruger is supposed to be hot, humid, mosquito-infested, and rainy.  Moreover, the increased rain causes the grass to grow higher making it more difficult to spot wildlife.  We are lucky that we chose to stay away because while at Addo we learned of headlines that read “Hundreds of tourists stranded as Kruger National Park floods“.

Elephant Embrace

While at Addo, we enjoy driving around the park searching for game and finding elephants, zebras, kudu, turtles, ostriches, warthogs and more.  We spend one night at a very comfortable cabin and the second night in equally comfortable tents in the middle of the park.  At one point, we even find a section of the park that is lion-free and walk-able so we take a nice hike.