The Dolphin

Behind the Sushi Bar at Dolphin

The Dolphin is the name of a restaurant in Hanalei that has been around for 30 years and is clearly a favorite of the locals.  When we ask where to go to dinner, Dolphin is a name that seems to appear in everyone’s list.  So we go.

We eat only sushi and love the whole experience.  They are completely full so we gladly sit at the sushi bar in Jeremy’s section, and he takes great care of us.  I would usually try to share now what we ordered to make sure that I remembered and to help suggest things for future goers; however, we put our fates completely in Jeremy’s hands and although he always told us what he was making us, most of it wasn’t on the menu.  We gave him no direction and he clearly made us what he was best at creating.

The meal was spectacular.  We had some fabulous poke, some fish that was torched right in front of us, rolls with tempura, nigiri with bacon on top, some with jalapenos, everything caught that day, everything delicious.  So good in fact that we return to sit in front of Jeremy the next night for an appetizer before continuing onwards.  And when we return, we will definitely come back.  Jeremy made us feel like a local, made us feel like we belong, made us feel like we have a friend in this new place.