Here we go

We’re daring to travel in the stage before any child can be considered easy. While I’d like to imagine that Shiloh could be easier if he’d had his own airplane seat, the truth is that both children ended up on our laps for the duration of the fight. The days of complaining about long flights without legroom while quietly watching movie after movie and snacking on Chex Mix and cranapple are long behind us. Now the flight is a marathon that leaves us thoroughly exhausted and in need of relaxation upon landing.

Joyfully, children are wonderfully predictable in their needs. The next many days were a dizzying array of activities interspersed with the predictable: cooking, cleaning, laundry, and naptime battles. Toys were constructed from Costco delivery boxes and the stairs were ever-guarded as our little crawler learns to move. We’re in the thick of it, and we’re embracing all the little moments, from the frustrating to the hilarious.